Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ford Takes the Low Road: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Free Press Editorial
September 23, 2006

Rep. Ford takes the low road

With Tennessee and the United States very much needing to elect conservative Bob Corker to the United States Senate, his obviously frantic liberal opponent, Rep. Harold Ford Jr., regrettably has taken the low road in an attempt to damage Mr. Corker in what unfortunately seems to have become a very close race.

With Mr. Corker taking a strong position against the massive invasion of our country by illegals, Rep. Ford has tried to represent Mr. Corker as having hired illegal immigrants on a Memphis construction job. The truth, however, is that Mr. Corker’s company hired no illegals. But federal agents found four illegal immigrants working for a subcontractor on a Corker job. Federal agents said Mr. Corker’s company bent over backward to avoid hiring illegals. His firm was not charged with any wrongdoing. But Rep. Ford, in a TV ad, has tried to smear Mr. Corker.

Rep. Ford knows Mr. Corker opposes illegals. Rep. Ford’s voting record on the illegal invasion has not measured up to Mr. Corker’s tough stand.

But worse than that is the fact that Rep. Ford has stooped to a misleading smear attempt to advance his ambition. That’s not the only reason he should be rejected and Mr. Corker should be elected to the United States Senate.


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