Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Follow the Money: State Senate Race Begins

It's often said that if you really want to know about someone's priorities, see how they spend their time and their money. The same is often true in politics.

July 16, 2007 was the deadline for candidates and potential candidates to disclosure their financial contributors and expenditures for the first six months of 2007.

A review of the former GOP State Senator's contributor list is revealing. He had only two contributors in that six month period. The legislative session during which he couldn't legally raise money consumed most of the six month period. Each gave contributions to Williams for both the 2008 primary and s008 general election. One gave the maximum allowed under law. The other contributed only $60.54 short of the maximum.

The former Speaker pro tem, appointed by Democrat Lt. Governor John Wilder, accepted contributions from Jesse Hughes and Gillian Barnett.

Jesse Hughes was fired in November by the Senate Republican Caucas reportedly for his disloyalty to the cause and has been freelancing for the ex-Republican since then.

Gillian Barnett is a paralegal in the Tennessee Office of the Attorney General. You may recall, Governor Bredesen's former legal counsel, Robert Cooper, was appointed in November, 2006 as the State's new Attorney General.


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