Friday, October 12, 2007

Faulk Nashville Fundraiser: The Place to be Last Night in the State Capitol

Big man and little man, Republicans and Democrats alike, state employees, former State Commissioners and Hawkins County Commissioners, doctors, lawyers, Realtors, housewives, pilots, Governors and governed, 6 current or former Tennessee GOP Chairmen, captains of industry, TVA Board member, TV celebrities and senators, folks from all three grand divisions - either hosted or were there personally last night at the Nashville City Center - by the dozens - to hear Governor Winfield Dunn, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, and surprise guest Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn make the case to replace a former GOP and now Independent Senator for the 4th District.

The goal of the fundraiser was to raise the funds necessary to elect a dependable, thoughtful, common-sense conservative - Church Hill's own Mike Faulk.

Gov. Winfield Dunn argued the state, indeed all Tennesseans, are benefited by a strong two-party system where the competition for ideals makes for better government. One party rule stifles that competition.

One-party 140 year Democrat rule did not end with the election of a Republican majority in the State Senate in 2005 because of the defection of Republican Senators to 84 year old Democrat John Wilder. And that Democrat rule would not have ended in 2007 but for the courageous vote of a strong-willed Democrat, Rosiland Kurita.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey told the group that Mike Williams had said he voted for Wilder because he was not asked in 2005 to vote for Ramsey for Lt. Governor. To avoid any such claims in 2007, Ramsey asked former GOP Senator Mike Williams three times on the morning of the historic January 9th, 2007 election to vote for his own party's nominee - Ramsey for the Lt. Governorship.

Williams would not make the commitment to vote for Ramsey. Ramsey lamented, "he was not for me even though he ultimately voted for me when his vote no longer mattered."

"Control of the State Senate and the likely balance of power for the next decade rides on the outcome of the 4th District race," Ramsey told the assembled throng. "Redistricting for not only the State legislature but also Tennessee's delegation to the United States Congress, rests on the capable shoulders of Mike Faulk. Ask yourself this question: in whose hand do you want the redistricting pen - Mike Williams or Mike Faulk? One is a steady hand. One is not. One you can depend on; one you cannot."

Faulk told the admiring crowd he was truly humbled by their support and promised to do all in his power to match their generosity with his own hard work. Maclin Davis and Beth Clayton, who spearheaded the mega-fundraiser, were presented with autographed copies of Faulk's coffee table pictorial of original photography, "High Places and Still Waters: Prague to Peru and Tennessee, Too."

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Go Mike!

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