Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hawkins County Turns Out with Big Numbers to Claiborne Lincoln Day: Steve Gill Endorses Mike Faulk for State Senate

A large delegation from Hawkins County attended the Claibonre County Lincoln Day Dinner Feb. 15 at Lincoln Memorial University.

Among the Hawkins County contingent were Hawkins County party officers and spouses: Chuck & Kay Holt, Cecile & Luke Lee, Kathy Cradic, Lois Mayes, and Frankie Davis. Also, attending were Hawkins County Highway Supt. Lowell Bean and wife, Linda, Jerry & Betty Walters, Hawkins County Young Republican Chairman Kelli Walker, Dr. George Testerman of Kingsport and State Senate hopeful Mike Faulk. Other guests at the Hawkins County tables included blogger Rob Huddleston who authors Voluntarily Conservative his wife, GOP State Executive Committeewoman from Knox County, Angela Huddleston, and their newborn son, Leo.

Lois Mayes won an autographed red plaid shirt from United States Senator Lamar Alexander, who was also the keynote speaker. Alexander was introduced by Nashville radio talk show icon, Steve Gill.

Gill was the talk show host who rallied the citizens of Nashville to surround the Capitol and blow their horns in displeasure when the legislature was trying to pass a state income tax. The Steve Gill Show was broadcast live from the Lincoln Memorial campus on Saturday.

Steve Gill endorsed Mike Faulk for the State Senate telling the crowd to send his old buddy, Mike Faulk, to Nashville as its next State Senator so the Tennessee Senate will have a true conservative as the solid 17th vote in a Republican majority.

Attendees also enjoyed meeting Dave Chesney, father of renouned Country Music Star, Kenny Chesney, who will run for a seat on the Claiborne County Board of Education.

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