Monday, April 14, 2008

Mike Williams Breaks Another Promise: Will Run Again Despite Term Limit Pledge!

Click on the Morristown Citizens Tribune article above and read for yourself in the article above the promises Mike Williams made in 1996 when he first asked for our vote to be State Senator.

He said leaving the State House before serving 8 years was his way of keeping a promise to term limit himself. He said he'd continue to work for term limits once we sent him to the State Senate.

Despite telling folks he wasn't running again and despite telling folks he has stayed longer than he intended, Mike Williams qualified to run for reelection as an Independent at the very last minute on April 3rd.

Eight years have now become eighteen years and Mike Williams wants four more years!

Williams doesn't want to talk about term limits now that he's served 12 years in the State Senate. He should have limited himself to 8 years in the Senate. If he had, these last four years would not have played out the way they did.

So much for term limits! So much for promise keeping! Looks like limiting his terms to a total of 18 years is up to us.

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