Monday, November 03, 2008

GOP Ground Game will Seal the Deal!

If Republicans will remain true to their party and if they turn out in record numbers tomorrow, Tennessee will deliver John McCain/Sarah Palin and Lamar Alexander landslide victories.

Of more significance to us in Hawkins County, our ground game tomorrow can deliver the 4th District State Senate seat back to the GOP. If Mike Faulk defeats the man who betrayed our party, the Republican Party will hold their majority in the State Senate and we will have a conservative Lt. Governor from northeast Tennessee.

If the turncoat, Mike Williams, wins, he will vote for a liberal Senator from West Tennessee for Lt. Governor. Take a look at the thousands of dollars Sen. Jim Kyle and other Democrats have poured into his campaign to try and prop him up. Can there be any doubt that Mike Williams will once again betray his east Tennessee roots and support a west Tennessee Democrat? And what did that former betrayal by Williams get his constituents? We know part what it got him: appointment as Speaker Pro Tem of the Senate.

So troops, it's up to you. Will you turn out to make Tennessee a big red state and deliver the State Senate in the process?

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