Friday, September 29, 2006

WARNING: If One of Every Twenty Who Reads This Fails to Vote, We Could Lose

That's right! Do the math. Politics is about numbers. What percentage of 20 votes is just one vote? FIVE PERCENT! So, please, please, as we near this November election, use your e-mail list, use you phone, mention it whenever you can. If only one of twenty of your Republican friends fails to vote, Bob Corker will be in trouble.


Tennesseans Rejecting Ford’s Liberal Washington Talker Record As Corker Increases Lead

Chattanooga, TN – A new poll released today by the Wall Street Journal, and conducted by the respected polling firm Zogby International, shows that Republican U.S. Senate nominee Bob Corker is in great position to win the seat of retiring Sen. Bill Frist. The Wall Street Journal poll shows Corker beating Memphis Congressman Harold Ford Jr. by 5%, 47.6% to 42.4%, an increase from a survey earlier this month.

“This poll just confirms what our internal polling has shown – that once Tennesseans learn about Congressman Ford’s record, the more they agree that he does not share our Tennessee values,” stated Corker Campaign Manager Ben Mitchell. “Tennesseans want their next Senator to be in the mold of Sens. Alexander, Thompson and Baker, and not in the mold of Sens. Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry.”

The Wall Street Journal poll was conducted September 19-25. A poll released by the Wall Street Journal earlier this month also showed Corker beating Ford.

Bob Corker, Republican Candidate for the United States Senate in Tennessee, is the former Mayor of Chattanooga. After a successful career as a businessman, he entered public service to offer conservative solutions and a businessman's focus on results. His achievements as Mayor, as a civic leader, and as former Commissioner of Finance and Administration make him uniquely qualified to chart a constructive course and represent Tennessee values in Washington.


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