Friday, March 30, 2007

Faulk Gains Early Endorsements!

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, U. S. Congressman Zack Wamp, and Conservative Talk-Show Icon Steve Gill all told those attending the Claiborne County Lincoln Day Dinner last week in Harrogate at Lincoln Memorial University that Mike Faulk, former First Vice-Chairman of the Hawkins County Republican Party, will be, with their help, the next State Senator from the 4th District.

Faulk, who has made no formal announcement, continues to lay the groundwork for a bid for the Tennessee Senate to return the seat to the Republican Party.

Faulk told those attending the Bi-Annual GOP Reorganization meeting that he had urged our current State Senator to vote for and elect a Republican Lieutenant Governor by e-mail and leaving a message at his office just prior to the January 8, 2007 historic vote. "I have no idea whether he got the message and, if he did, whether it made a difference."

Faulk's message included an additional incentive: "I said he wouldn't have me to worry about as a primary opponent if he voted for and elected a Republican Lt. Governor." After the Senate elected a new Lt. Governor, Faulk continued to make the rounds visiting all over the Fourth District just in case the incumbent Senator chose not to seek re-election.

"Now that he is no longer a Republican, I can quicken the pace of laying the groundwork for a Senate bid. Since he thinks the our party left him, I feel free to begin preparations in earnest for the August 2008 GOP Primary," Faulk said.

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