Thursday, July 24, 2008

Liberal Democrat Memphis Senator Jim Kyle Wants to Be Lt. Governor: Helps Mike Williams' Campaign with Mail Money

Over the last few weeks, you've probably received "official" mail from Senator Mike Williams asking for your opinion or reminding you of the sales tax holiday.

Each State Senator is allocated $6,832 per year for constituent mail and postage. In a copyrighted story appearing in the Tennessee Journal, we learn the spring sales tax holiday mailer sent by Williams cost taxpayers $5,530 and the legislative update piece sent by Williams cost another $4,508. The cost of these and three other mailers far exceed the Senator's yearly constituent mail and postage allotment.

That Sen. Williams would use this asset paid for by you and me as a taxpayer expense during an election year to further his re-election efforts is not surprising or uncommon. But the sheer number of pieces sent by the former Republican, now self-declared Independent raised eyebrows.

If re-elected, is there any doubt who Williams would support for Lt. Governor: East Tennessee Republican Ron Ramsey or Memphis liberal Democrat Jim Kyle?

The Nashville Post reports:

Director of the Legislature’s Office of Administration Connie Fredrick confirms to Post Politics that Democratic Senators John Wilder, Jim Kyle and Doug Jackson have transferred $6000, $7,000 and $5, 000 respectively to the account of Senator Mike Williams.

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