Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bryson Campaign Unveils New Television Ad Highlighting Bredesen's Opposition to State Illegal Immigration Laws

(NASHVILLE, TN) - State Senator Jim Bryson (R-Franklin) today unveiled the latest ad of his campaign for Governor. The 30-second spot features Heather Steffek recounting the deaths of her mother and step-father at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had been arrested 16 times prior to driving his car head-on into her parents’ auto.

Governor Bredesen maintains illegal immigration is a federal issue and has publicly fought legislation to tackle the problem at the state level.

“Heather is just one of many Tennesseans who have been hurt by illegal immigration,” Sen. Bryson said. “My vision for Tennessee is a state that illegal immigrants avoid and legal immigrants seek. Phil Bredesen publicly fought legislation requiring state law enforcement to work with federal authorities in apprehending and deporting illegal immigrants who commit crime.

There is a crystal clear choice on the issue of illegal immigration in this election.”


Heather Steffek:
Illegal alien Gustavo Garcia was arrested 16 times, but Governor Bredesen said illegal immigration wasn’t his responsibility...
Then, a drunk Garcia mowed killed my mother and step-father in a head-on collision.
I’m Heather Steffek. As our governor, Jim Bryson will punish and deport illegal aliens who commit crime.

For the toughest illegal immigration laws in the nation...vote Jim Bryson.


On June 8th of this year, Gustavo Reyes Garcia was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of evading arrest in the deaths of Mt. Juliet couple Sean Wilson, 38, and Donna Wilson, 47. The head-on collision occurred moments after Lakewood police tried to stop Garcia for driving erratically. Officers recovered numerous beer containers from Garcia’s vehicle.

Heather Steffek is Donna Wilson’s eldest daughter and has become an advocate for reforming Tennessee’s laws regarding illegal immigrants. The ad can be seen at www.brysonforgovernor.com.


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