Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Congressman David Davis Surprise Guest at Greene County Fundraiser for Mike Faulk

1st District Congressman David Davis surprised those attending last night's Faulk for Senate Fundraiser in Greene County making an appearance and an appeal for Faulk's campaign to retake the 4th State Senate seat currently held by the Senate's only independent.

"I've known Mike for years and have watched his tireless work on behalf of Republicans at all levels. When he gets to Nashville you can count on him supporting Republican ideals and members of his own party seeking leadership positions," said the Congressman.

Faulk told the crowd that sometime in early 2011, during the term of the next Senator from the 4th District, a bill will be introduced to redraw all the State House, State Senate, and U. S. Congressional Districts in Tennessee. If projections hold up, Tennessee may be entitled to another seat [making 10] in the U. S. Congress. "Republicans have to ask themselves this question: 'In whose hand do you want that redistricting pen?"

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