Thursday, November 01, 2007

Standing Room Only Event for Faulk: Union County Turns Out Big Time!

Union Countians hungry for change turned out by the dozens last night in Sharps Chapel to support the Faulk for Senate Campaign.

The standing room only event was attended by many County and City officials, GOP State Executive Committee members, GOP party officers, representatives from both of Tennessee's United States Senators, the Lt. Governor, well wishers from Hawkins, Claiborne, Union, Grainger and Knox Counties, farmers, retirees, preachers, teachers & more. Independents and Republicans alike were there to cheer on Faulk.

Honored at the event was "Amazing" Grace Moore who was celebrating her 99th birthday. She was treated with a huge birthday cake, birthday cards, an enthusiastic singing of "Happy Birthday" led by Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, and her own copy of Mike Faulk's coffee table book of his original photography: "High Places and Still Waters".

Faulk unveiled to the overflow crowd his symbolic "Keys to a Better Tennessee" key chain that includes a whistle, a compass and a light. Said Faulk:

"The whistle is to remind me that if I don’t remember my roots, if I don’t remember who sent me, if I can't find my way home from Nashville, you should blow the whistle on me.

The compass is there to remind me to keep my bearings straight. To me that means a lean, limited government with low taxes that does well the essential things we can’t do for ourselves and doesn’t try to be all things to all people.

The light is meant to remind you that sometimes it takes new leadership to light the way to a better future.

These are the keys to a better Tennessee. These are my keys to the State Senate."

The fundraiser, sponsored by the Republican Party of Union County, was held in the beautiful Sunset Bay Clubhouse on Norris Lake. "I'm no stranger to Union County," Mike Faulk noted, "my father started me deer hunting forty years ago at Central Peninsula - what's now called Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area not five miles from where are are right now. And I'll promise you one thing: I'll not be a stranger to Union County after you send me to Nashville."

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