Friday, December 21, 2007

Sen. Mike Williams: A Trail of Broken Promises

The ad shown here is from 1996 when Mike Williams first asked for our vote. The advertisement attacks Democrat Senator Wallace for taking special interest money. Specifically it says, "Mike Williams does NOT take money from special interests. Never has. Never will."

According to the Tennessee Journal, Sen. Williams, who abandoned the Republican Party last session, sent this past week a letter to special interest lobbyists seeking contributions for his reelection asking his "true friends" to stick with him.

To learn about the contributions Sen. Mike Williams has accepted since promising to "never" accept special interest money, see the disclosures at the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance. Type his name and choose a year to see how little he raised and how few contributors he has in the 4th Senate District. Then compare that to how many "true friends" - special interest friends - he has who have handed him thousands and thousands of special interest dollars even though he hasn't had an opponent since 1996.

The issue isn't Political Action Committee contributions. The vast majority of candidates for state office accept PAC contributions. Isn't the issue is whether or not you can depend on the promises Mike Williams makes?

That Sen. Williams shared his plan to seek reelection first with his special interest friends rather than the constituents of his district says it all.

See also Bill Hobbs: "Flip-flop Mike" and Angelia Gibson-Herrell: "Too Little, Too Late".

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