Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mike Williams Casts Deciding Vote: Raises Taxes $220 Million

Former GOP Senator Mike Williams, who now claims to be an Independent, sided with the other 16 Democrats in the State Senate and cast the deciding vote to raise your taxes by $225 Million in a year when the State Government has a huge surplus. All the Republicans in the State Senate voted "no" on the increase in taxes.

The Tennessee Senate GOP Caucas issued this press release this afternoon:


Contact: Chase Johnson

May 31, 2007

Phone: (615) 741-6336

Williams Votes to Raise Taxes by Over $220 Million :
Tax Increase Passed Despite Unprecedented Growth Revenue

NASHVILLE,Tenn. This afternoon the Senate’s lone independent, Sen. Micheal Williams (I – Maynardville), member joined all sixteen Senate Democrats to increase taxes by over $220 million. All sixteen members of the Republican Caucus voted against the tax increase.

The tax increase was approved despite the state having one of the largest budget surpluses in history. The state funding board has projected that the state will have at least $700 million in new recurring dollars, and roughly $500 million in new nonrecurring funds.

One of the main reasons for the growth revenue is over collection of current taxes.

“The sponsor of the bill stated on the Senate Floor that the proposed
improvements to education can be funded without a tax increase,” said Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Diane Black (RGallatin).

“Tennessee has more money this year than originally anticipated by the funding board. It does not make sense to raise taxes in a year where growth revenue is extraordinary.”

Specifically, Senate Bill 2326 will increase the tax on a pack of cigarettes by 42 cents. “It is hard to understand why they voted for 42 cents when Governor Bredesen himself funded his supplemental budget with a 25 cent increase,” said Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville). “We could do much better with much less.”

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fred Thompson Campaign Items

Cecile Testerman will be the official Presidential Campaign Items Coordinator. There are now large Fred Thompson buttons with his picture for $4.00, T-shirts for $15.00, and bumper stickers for $2.00. You may purchase by calling 921-8040.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Photos from the 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner

Photos Courtesy of Mike Faulk.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2007 Lincoln Day Dinner

The Lincoln Day Dinner was the "best ever" according to comments from attendees. The crowd of over 200 had a fun-filled evening. The humor of former Congressman Bill Jenkins, who emceed the event, and the musical entertainment of Jim Bowman kept the evening light and festive - especially with songs about the Hawkins County Jailbreak and Rufus the Rooster.

Buddy Testerman and Jenny V. Larkin were named as GOP Man and Woman of the Year and presented with awards for their outstanding service to the Hawkins County Republican Party.

The newly elected GOP officers were introduced by Juvenile Court Judge Jay Taylor.

Congressman David Davis and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey were the keynote speakers. The Lt. Governor detailed the events as they unfolded in Nashville in January as he was elected the first Republican Lt. Governor in 150 years. "It don't get any better than that!" according to Ramsey.

Looking ahead to 2008, Lt. Governor Ramsey told the crowd he needed help in Nashville and Hawkins County provided the key. "Mike Faulk will make a great, hard-working, dependable State Senator", Ramsey added.

If you want copies of your photos, see Cecile.