Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike Faulk Establishes Exploratory Committee for State Senate

Former Hawkins County GOP 1st Vice-Chairman Mike Faulk has filed with the State Registry of Election Finance and is assembling his finance team for a campaign for the Tennessee Senate.

In Tennessee, state candidates must file with both the Election Commission to become an official candidate and with the Registry of Election Finance to qualify to raise campaign funds.

While not officially announcing his candidacy, Faulk is expected to seek the Republican nomination for Tennessee's 4th Senate District. The State Senate is currently evenly split, 16-16-1, since one senator, who currently holds the 4th District seat, switched from the GOP to become an independent.

Contributions for the primary election for State office to be held August 7, 2008, are limited in Tennessee to $1,000 per person.

Campaign contributions should be made by check payable to "Faulk for Senate" and may be mailed to Faulk for Senate, P. O. Box 2080, Church Hill, TN 37642. Also please include your occupation when mailing a check.